Join WPI as we “Walk the Story”. This tour is designed to offer an experience of the Holy Land that is similar to the way the disciples of Jesus experienced it. We will spend seven days learning what it means to follow a rabbi and what it takes to be a disciple physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Bible is a book written within a cultural, geographical and historical context. To experience the land in which the story took place, makes it come alive.
Walking the steps of Jesus, connecting the word pictures from scripture in a first century context as we toured the Holy Land was an incredible experience. My wife and I can't wait to go again.
Adam Warren--former MLB Yankees, Cubs and Padres

Our Guide

John Farwell, founder of “Walk the Story” and Israel’s National Director for Athletes in Action has provided discipleship tours for hundreds of people to the Holy Land since 2005. He uses a rabbinical method for teaching and touring, which he learned from his rabbi, Ray Vanderlaan, who popularized this approach. John and his family have been traveling to and living in Israel for extended periods of time over the last 15 years. They have immersed themselves in the culture. He recently finished his second Masters degree in Biblical Geography and History from Jerusalem University College.

Traveling to the Holy Land has always been on my bucket list. However, after experiencing Israel and Palestine with John, I’m worried that the rest of my bucket list is worthless in comparison. I experienced the Bible and my faith in ways that I thought were otherwise impossible. John put flesh on the stories and philosophies that I have somewhat blindly believed my entire life. I returned with a new sense of purpose, passion for Biblical study, and appreciation for the Holy Land.
Mike Shauer | Head Basketball Coach | Wheaton College

Our Trip

(Nov 10-Nov 21 2023) for Current MLB Players
(October 17-28 2023) for Former Players and others in the Baseball community

Interested in learning more?
Check out the FAQs below or contact Jay Stott at 919-389-2044 or jay@withpurposeintl.com


Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being invited to go on this trip?

 One of the goals of our organization is to provide faith-stretching adventures for people to grow in their relationship with God.  As our understanding of who God is and what he is up to in our lives increases, we begin to understand our place in HIS story. 

 This trip in particular is designed to help bring scripture alive by walking where Jesus walked and obtaining a clear understanding of things from a first-century perspective. Our goal is for you to have an experience…not a tour. To engage the Bible in its context, to understand the cultural interplay between the Bible and the historical reality in which it was immersed. It is life-changing to see the Bible come alive as you walk it for yourself and put your feet in the same locations in which events happened that changed the world forever.

What is the cost breakdown of the trip?

The total in-country cost for the trip will between $$3300-$3700 (depending on final hotel quotes and final number of participants) with the exception of a few meals we will have on the fly. FLIGHTS are in addition to the in country costs.  We will likely let everyone arrange their own flights to accommodate individual choices. I will give specific instructions for flights so we all arrive in Israel within a time frame for group transport to the hotel. 

Is it safe to travel to Israel?

Obviously, we have no desire to put you nor ourselves intentionally in harm’s way.  Although, it is impossible to guarantee anything 100%, travel to Israel is very safe. We have a number of people to guide us daily in what is going at the moment in the country to keep us safe, from our local tour guide, fellow local staff members, acquaintances in the US Embassy and US military. If there is even a hint of potential danger, we will simply avoid the area. We do not take chances! Overall, the likelihood of any kind of danger is very, very slim. Most people return home with a completely different experience than what they were expecting; commenting, “I felt completely safe the whole time.”

How to I prepare for the trip?

To get the most out of the experience, doing some homework ahead of time will be helpful. John Farwell will provide the majority of the teaching at each of the sites we visit. We will take time for teaching, discussion and Q & A at appropriate locations.

What to Read: 1) All Four Gospels (if you only have time for one – Matthew) 2) Genesis 1-23 3) Exodus 1-20 4) Deuteronomy 5) Joshua 1-11 (if you have time) *Bonus materials 1) Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus – Tverberg and Spangler 2) Yeshua: the Guide to the Authentic Jesus and the Early Church – Dr. Ron Moseley

Physically: The only level ground in all of Israel is on the tarmac at the airport and the beach. Our stay near the beach will be brief. It is a physically demanding tour averaging 4 to 7 miles of walking/hiking a day. Be ready to hit the trail.

What do I need to pack?
  • Travel Light – Israeli and Muslims are a casual culture – you do not need to dress up. However: Sleeveless and tank tops are unacceptable.
  • *Ladies- bring one skirt that will go past the knees or capris. Leggings for hiking are acceptable. Our tour guide will let you know the days that you need to wear something other than jeans/leggings/shorts (i.e. skirt or capris)
  • Hiking shoes
  • Small Bible you can carry with you
  • Back-pack, or something very light that you can carry a bible and notebook as well as water.
  • Sunglasses
  • A pair of shoes that can get wet: crocks or something like that, that you can walk in and protect your feet – not sandals.
  • Bathing suit – one towel
  • No Evangelistic T-shirts etc….Local people could find it offensive.
  • Ziplock bags for snacks, collectables and garbage (when hiking -there are no trash cans), plastic bag for wet clothes
  • Personal tissue packs – many bathrooms don’t have paper products
  • Snack food. High energy stuff (ex. protein bars, dried fruit or trail mix , peanut butter, etc.). Israel is very modern and you can get most things there you can here – but for a price.
  • Electrical adapter (220 voltage, 3 prong)
  • Think in terms of enough clothes for a week or a little more – we will try to do laundry there once throughout the trip. But no promises..it can be a logistic challenge
What will the food be like?

The food in Israel will be fantastic….however to set expectations, we will be some some remote areas most days in Israel and meals will be simple…picnic lunches during the day.

What is the security process?

As you can imagine, security going into Israel is very thorough.  We will leave ourselves plenty of time while in airports…pack plenty of patience.