‘And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.’

Luke 2:52

Chuck Milian – Director                                              

Chuck Milian is the Director for L2:52 Mentoring. He has a diverse background serving in leadership roles but his primary passion has always been mentoring men – helping them live their lives well personally, spiritually, and professionally. 

Graduating from East Carolina University in 1984, Chuck started his career in commercial real estate development working on various malls and shopping center projects in North Carolina. It was during this phase of life that he came to faith in Jesus and discovered his passion for mentoring and training…first with new employees and later with adults in the church and community at large.

After receiving Christ as his Savior, Chuck spent almost 3 decades working on staff at a large church in Raleigh, NC. His roles were focused on things such as leadership and team development with a special emphasis on mentoring and discipling adults to become fully devoted followers of Christ. During his final 16 years at the church he served as the Senior Pastor until the Lord led him to implement a Leadership Succession Plan allowing him to hand off his role to the ‘next generation leader’ whom Chuck had been mentoring and preparing for several years.

Chuck launched L2:52 mentoring ministry with a firm belief that men flourish best when they have been taught 4 things:

  1. How they fit into the “Big Picture of Life” so they can ‘enjoy today as they build for tomorrow, with Eternity in mind’.
  2. How to draw near to God each day so they can keep their conscience clear and remove any hindrances to faith.
  3. How to consistently hear God’s Voice via His Spirit and His Word to receive wisdom, strength, and guidance.
  4. How to meaningfully connect to other men in a Peer Group to experience support, growth, friendship, and fun.

The 10-year Goal at L2:52 is to mentor 1200 men and establish 300 Peer Groups in the Triangle area.

Chuck and his wife Kim have been married for 31 years and have two sons (Josh and Caleb) who are both married and living in Richmond, VA and Augusta, GA respectively.

If you would like to contact Chuck: chuckmilian@outlook.com